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Highlights And Statistics

Dedicated Match Official

2 Games Per Week

Prizes And Awards

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Quality Football Equipment

Goodbye! Ordinary games

'Leave the past behind you and enter the future of football' all these years recreational football has been the same until now. We have turned your normal unorganized pickup games into a thrilling professional football experience. Our typical game flow WARM UP -> STARTMATCH -> HALFTIME -> SWITCH SIDES -> FULLTIME -> COOLDOWN -> MATCH FEEDBACK. PLAY THE RIGHT WAY.

Your hassle free football routine

We all know it takes a lot of effort and time in organizing a game with friends. We all have faced issues such as player cancellations, no available ground booking, last minute ditchers, and lack of equipment, gathering players in the first place, late players and fair team creation. Get rid of all these hassles and simply come to the pitch and play. Let us handle everything for you.

The league journey

Gather your team mates and join the league. Grind through the league match by match and fight for a prime table position. Get two fixtures with each opposition either for revenge or to settle the draw. Learn from each match and develop your team. Plan team tactics and gameplay for each match. Gain team popularity and respect through our platform and social media within the community. Chase an opponent or maintain the lead it’s up to you!

More than just a ref!

At Soccergoats we make sure that all our referees are able to conduct a fair game. Our referees go through a unique program where they are trained to operate practically and systematically so that the player experience is at its highest.

Capture every single game

Did something amazing on the pitch? Don’t worry! Now you can relive it. Analyze your game, learn from your mistakes, plan your next move or simply show off your team performance. Your highlights give you a chance to improve and feel good about your achievements. We make sure your skills don’t go unnoticed.

Become the G.O.A.T

Soccergoats is a platform which players can use to become the best version of themselves. Gather your friends and test your abilities on our platform. Build a team from scratch and strive to become the best. If you think you and your squad are the best in town, this is the right place to prove it. Grind it out and become the G.O.A.T of your city.