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Who we are..

Soccergoats is about bringing the local players together and promoting the football community. Our motto is to provide the greatest footballing experience, making this beautiful game much more exciting, competitive and fun.

We aim to revolutionize commercial and recreational footballing experience in India. We are pioneers leading the way in digitizing and enhancing your footballing experience. Our innovative features, customer centric approach and passion for this beautiful game make our leagues the GREATEST OF ALL TIME. Our leagues are designed to give you a pro player feeling. Our leagues are professionally run, everything is organized for you. From fixtures-results-tables to highlights-statistics-leaderboards, Our league has it all.

We eliminate all issues when it comes to playing football with your friends.

  • No more irregular games
  • No more late players
  • No more payment issues
  • No more last minute cancellations
  • No more wasting time and effort in finding players and organizing your games

Experience a proper league

We simplify everything , all you need to do is join our leagues and play.

  • High & Lows Of League Journey

  • Fight For Your Position In The Table

  • Get Another Chance To Defeat Your Opponent

  • Win Trophies And Medals

  • Display Your Skill Set

  • Track Performance

  • Compete In Leaderboards

  • Gain Multiple Insights

  • Showcase Your Achievements To The World

  • Build A Team And Guide It To Victory

  • Maintain Team And Player Profile

  • Gain Respect In The Local Community

Along with our exciting league we also provide our players with a platform to display their skill set, track performance, compete in leaderboards, gain multiple insights to improve their overall game.

Join our league and start your journey of becoming a soccer G.O.A.T.

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